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"There is a special song we want for our reception that I don't see on your song list --can you help us?"
Yes! Dallas Unlimited loves making you happy by personalizing your event in anyway we can. We will be happy to prepare a special song or two for you. Just let us know at least 6 weeks before your event and we will start working on an arrangement and rehearsal.
"We need an MC for our event, can you help us out?
Yes! Leader, Molly is excellent at MC-ing your event, making special announcements, introductions and presentations. She is also very experienced at helping the crowd focus in the direction of what is happening - and good at flexibly pacing the event through the agenda needs.
"What do we do when the band takes a break?"
Dallas Unlimited is prepared to play CD background music we provide that matches the mood of the event at the time of the break. We will take care of that for you or add a CD you have prepared for a later break. Generally, the first break needs softer background music, and the later break(s) can have more upbeat music.
"There are specialty ethnic songs and special current dance tunes that we want played that are not on your song list. How can you help us make sure ALL our favorite styles of music are represented?"
If Dallas Unlimited doesn't play a particular piece or style of music that is important to you, we solve that problem by playing pre-recorded CD music of that style. For example, we recently performed at a reception for Middle-Eastern Clients - so during the last break, we played a pre-recorded CD of ethnic selections that the client had prepared ahead. Another bride wanted a lot of hip-hop, but her parents wanted more pop styles for the reception. They found a very effective compromise in hiring the versatility of our Band... and we played her favorite hip-hop mix CD for a long period at the end of the reception. Everyone had a blast!
"I have little or no experience in planning the event, the pacing of the reception, and appropriate song choices. Can you help me?"
Absolutely! We specialize in event entertainment, and we will work closely with you and your venue coordinator or event planner throughout the planning process to help make the event a smooth resounding success. Band Leader Molly, is very experienced and enjoys assisting her clients through the process with comfort and ease. No worries---you are in good hands!
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